I advise and manage production for emerging fashion brands.

Take a global approach to running a successful, profitable business.


A Whole New World of Fashion Production


Effectively Source and Produce

  • Identify and select top-quality fabric with less overhead costs

  • Determine how and when to produce domestically and internationally

  • Grow sales and reduce expenses through inventory planning and pricing


Increase Profit

  • Boost revenue with low cost strategies

  • Identify and overcome high cost hurdles

  • Customize action plans for long-term profit goals


Navigate International Production

  • Connect to a global network of trusted suppliers and factories

  • Get oversight and management of international partners

  • Gain clarity and learn processes about importing logistics

Advisor for Emerging Fashion Brands

I have more than 15 years of experience developing and managing highly successful apparel brands for large-scale retailers. I delivered exceptional results for my employers, and now for the past 3 years I have channeled the same passion, energy and expertise to deliver results for entrepreneurs like you.

Based in Austin, Texas, USA, I specialize in empowering and mentoring ambitious entrepreneurs by helping them successfully launch and scale apparel brands. I have connections internationally and domestically for fabric sourcing and production. Depending on what stage you are at with starting or growing your brand, we will collaborate and create the highest margin strategy possible to meet your short and long term growth plans. I am ready to work with you and help drive success for your business like I have with many clients around the world.


Knowledge, Clarity and Confidence

Starting my own clothing brand was such a daunting task and Iโ€™m so grateful I found Alice James. She has helped me nearly every step of the way from fabric sourcing to sample development and finding a manufacturer. Aliceโ€™s organization and expertise in the industry has made my brandโ€™s journey a smooth and successful experience.
— Kristina Haag, Founder & CEO of Cotidie
Alice has exceptional knowledge in the apparel development and production industry. Through various experiences, I have no doubt in trusting her with selection of vendors as well as managing contracts placed with vendors. She executes on time and within budget - how much better can she be!
— Natalie Smith, Founder & CEO, Sisterly Village
Before I found Alice I was going in circles with no clear path to achieve my dream of launching an apparel brand. She not only kept the dream alive, but also added much needed vigor to the project and was able to lay the groundwork for full development, from design to manufacturer and on to full production and launch. Her knowledge and work ethic are second to none. She always has your best interest in mind and will go to bat for you every step of the way.
— Will Von Rosenberg, Founder & CEO, HYPER Sportswear
With over 20+ years in the apparel industry I can honestly say Alice James is the most knowledgeable and visionary person I have had the pleasure to work with. I HIGHLY recommend her as a partner.
— Shari Justice, Director of Product Development & Design

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